7 Mistake That Can Spoil Your Affiliate Marketing Career

7 Mistakes can spoil your affiliate career

Affiliate marketing offers you to earn money sitting at home. It has become the most popular online marketing program at the present time. Knowing the benefit of affiliate marketing such as starting a business with zero investment, zero employees, no office space e.t.c. people become inspire to make money through affiliate marketing. But there are some common mistakes that cause failure in your affiliate carrier. Affiliates make these mistakes unconsciously. Among so many mistakes of affiliate marketing, in this article we are going to tell you about some serious mistakes which affiliates do very often.

Never ignore this 7 Mistakes can spoil your affiliate career else you will suffer much

7 Common Mistakes of Affiliate

1. Selling Tendency Rather Than Helping

In affiliate marketing, the basic selling strategy is raising a customer’s interest to the recommended products or service before selling. But most of the beginner affiliates make mistakes in this case. They are much more intended for selling, but not for helping the customers so that they can know about the product. But it is quite impossible to sale without raising a customer’s interest for the product. Some affiliates suggest the customers to buy his recommended products very soon. But it is a great mistake. While you say this, customers think you a biased seller, so they do not believe you.
Tips: Give detail information about your product including its ingredients, usefulness, how to use, where to use and yes, most importantly opinions of those who have already used your recommended product.

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2. Joining Too Many Affiliate Program

Yes, it is true that affiliate marketing is profitable, but it is not wise to join much more affiliate program. If you join in too many affiliate programs at a time, then it will be very difficult to manage for you. Consequently, you will be overwhelmed.
Tips: Choose your affiliate program wisely and do not be overwhelmed. According to my opinion, it is better to choose that product in which you have interest rather than those products in which you do not feel interest at all.

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3. Not Testing

Whenever you choose to promote your product on a website for example http://StealthSecrets.com, Clickbank, ClickSure,shareasale put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer and opt in to test the vendors follow up sequence.
Actually, nothing breaks a reader's belief more than being led to a promotion that will blow up their inbox.
Tips: Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer and see what will happen if they track your advice?

4. Not Tracking

This was a serious mistake that many more beginners do very often. For example, if you are fond of promoting Amazon (one of the most popular websites) products on your page, but do not use exclusive tracking links on each page, then it is a mistake.
But why this is a mistake?
Because, when you make a sale, you want to know WHERE the sale came from. If you do not use an exclusive tracking, affiliate link, then it disables you to know which pages are converting well. Consequently, you can’t grow and scale that campaign.
How to create a unique tracking ID?
Well, it is very easy to create a unique tracking ID for an Amazon link. You have to follow the following steps to do this:

Following the above 3 steps, you can create a new tracking ID. Now you can track web page/campaign very easily.
Tips: Create a unique tracking ID on your most used website.

5. Not Comparing

One of the best converting tactics that skilled affiliates use to increase their sell particularly physical products from Amazon or http://www.stealthsecrets.com is to compare the main product with two other similar products. Customers get an opportunity to judge the products and buy according to their need. By following this strategy, you can make sale for more than one product.
Tips: Compare between two or three products as comparison brings a better profit.

6. Not Targeting Keyword Tools

Targeting keyword tools is very important so that customers can find your website easily in the search engine. To target specific affiliate programs, it is very necessary to know what keywords you have to target, especially when you are creating websites, or even pages. Here is a list of popular websites which will help you to investigate keyword.

Tips: Open an account in a keyword investigating website to find keywords relevant to your content.

7. Not Connecting With Affiliate Marketing Forums

Forums are online communities where likeminded people exchange insights and ideas. Many starter affiliates are not aware of affiliate marketing forums. Actually, it is very helpful to increase your knowledge. So it is wise to be connected with affiliate marketing forums to get benefit from advice shared by other newbies. Many of these forums are free. Here is a description of some free affiliate forum.
Digital Point Huge: Digital Point Huge is an excellent place to learn tactics of affiliate marketing program. About 25,000 members are active here. From this forum you can know not only affiliate marketing tips but also other techniques such as link building and SEO.
aBestWeb: aBestWeb is another forum which is very popular with nearly 100 sub-forums. It covers a large range of affiliate marketing subjects with a great contribution by numerous go-getter merchants and serious affiliates.
Warrior Forum: Warrior forum is a killer networking forum for both of beginners and advanced affiliates.
You can also join in the following forums:

Tips: Forums are the best places to get real feedback about your campaigns and to talk about the latest affiliate marketing news. So join at least one affiliate forum without any delay.